Wussy (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

Over the past decade, Wussy has amassed world-class cred while maintaining a “Hey man, it’s just us …” perspective, which has clearly grounded and centered them. The band placed two albums — Funeral Dress and Left for Dead — in famed critic Robert Christgau’s Top 10 albums of the new millennium, an honor that could have swollen their collective ego to the point of insufferable, but the group responded with a dedication to do even better, which resulted in its stellar eponymous album and the sublime Strawberry in 2011. The addition of drummer Joe Klug in 2008 and Ass Ponys pedal steeler John Ehrhardt more recently has elevated Wussy to an even higher level of excellence as evidenced by Attica, its latest and perhaps best album to date. Suddenly, everything Wussy has done well is even Wussier; fist-pumping epics are more anthemic, melodies are stickier and more beautiful, lyrics are even more profoundly resonant and everything is more deliberate without the sound of deliberation leaking through and ruining the spontaneity. And naturally, the improved studio Wussy has been reflected in the improved live Wussy, although even the band’s live misses were wildly entertaining at the start. If Wussy’s previous brilliance was a mere hint at its ultimate potential, and it’s beginning to look that way, this next phase may reveal one of Rock’s most diversely gifted and uniquely talented bands. Ever. Amen.

YDIIYD: The Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane and X reincarnated as a cattle prodded Indie Rock band. (BB)