Wild Leaves

Wild Leaves (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Psych Folk

Wild Leaves is one of those inexplicable musical anomalies that crops up every so often. In this case, it’s a New York-based band with Ohio (including Cincinnati) roots that sounds like the West Coast scene circa late ‘60s/early ‘70s. The quintet claims influences as far-ranging as The Byrds, The Band, early Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, and there are hints of most of that (sans Zappa) on the band’s debut EP, 2013’s Wind & Rain, with a contemporary perspective on those bands’ pastoral inclinations. Wild Leaves’ imminent Hello Sunlight will follow a similar path, based on “Forever Moonlight,” the first song released from their new four-song EP.

YDIIYD: Fleet Foxes and Strands of Oak in a cosmic hoedown/showdown. (BB)