WHY? (Cincinnati)
Art Pop/Hip Hop

Cincinnati’s catapulted an array of well-regarded local musicians into the national spotlight, but none as mercurial as the Wolf brothers. Yoni and Josiah grew up around here, but Yoni moved to Berkeley, Calif., in the late ’90s and started performing as WHY? Eventually he came back home, formed then dissolved the group cLOUDDEAD (Jack White is a fan) and finally recruited his brother and Doug McDiarmid to form WHY? In the past decade, they’ve released four LPs, including 2008’s breakthrough Alopecia and 2012’s Mumps, Etc. There’s no new WHY? material on the immediate horizon (Josiah performs with his wife in Dream Tiger, though), but check out Yoni’s podcast The Wandering Wolf, where he interviews musicians like Lorde, Panda Bear and his own family members.

YDIIYD: Vocals that gravitate toward rapping but not so much that you think of it as Hip Hop, because it’s not. (GP)