Vic and Gab


Vic and Gab (Milwaukee)
Dream Pop

Victoriah (Vic) and Hannah Gabriela (Gab) are sisters from Texas, but they found a home and a career in Milwaukee. They’ve been playing music since they were kids, but it wasn’t until their song “So Long So Tired” got featured on MTV’s Skins that they decided to pursue a music career. Tegan and Sara are the obvious comparison — sisters, Pop melodies about love, etc. — but Vic and Gab’s music has its own identity (and more bass lines). Last year they released their debut, Love of Mine, which they described as “not about requited or unrequited love — it’s about an existing love in its metamorphosis stage.” No heart-wrenching songs here. Just dreamy Pop songs, with the exception of “Crazy Love,” which sounds like Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” until the sisters’ guitars kick in. 

YDIIYD: Melodic love songs that never get too sappy or sad. (GP)