Us, Today

Us, Today (Cincinnati)
Avant Post Rock/Jazz

For the past three years, Us, Today has redefined the boundaries of experimental music within and beyond the Cincinnati scene with an unwavering commitment to finding the most creative intersection of disparate genres, instruments and sounds. Exploring the wonderfully odd possibilities of guitar, vibraphone, keyboards and drums, the trio — Kristin Agee, Joel Griggs and Jeff Mellott — has ingeniously fused the quirkiest and yet most appealing qualities of Jazz, Post Rock, Electronic and Ambient music, twisting their commonalities and exploiting their differences. Us, Today recently concluded a successful Indiegogo campaign to fund TenEnemies, the band’s proposed third recording and the latest example of its melodic chaos and deliberate spontaneity in action. Free your mind and Us, Today will follow.

YDIIYD: A reservation at 200 Motels, a bowl of Lumpy Gravy, an infestation of Hot Rats. (BB)