The Yugos

The Yugos (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

The Yugos call Taylor Mill, Ky., home but we’re claiming them for the Cincinnati scene because we’re better for their presence. Somehow, they extract even more fun and energy from ‘70s Punk and New Wave than some of its proponents back in the day, referencing the soaring Pop of Modern English and A Flock of Seagulls, the erratic New Wave clockwork of Talking Heads and XTC and the brooding passion of The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. Amazingly, The Yugos never allow their heavier touchstones to weigh them down, as they maintain a light and even comedic tone to their sets, particularly drummer Jordin Gough, who bounds around the stage like a yellow Labrador on meth. Last year’s Life is Awesome, and Then You Live Forever was one of 2013’s best albums, and any Yugos show will be one of the best things you see.

YDIIYD: New Wave and Punk with a twist of funny, shaken, stirred, slammed and repeated repeatedly. (BB)