The Ready Stance

The Ready Stance (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

Three of Cincinnati’s most familiar musical faces (guitarist Wes Pence and drummer Eric Moreton from Middlemarch, bassist Randy Cheek from Ass Ponys/Libertines/Fairmount Girls/insert name of other great local entities here) and a relative unknown (guitarist Chase Johnston, veteran of several cover and original bands) combined to create The Ready Stance, an Indie Rock juggernaut with seemingly limitless appeal and talent to burn. The quartet’s debut album, 2012’s Damndest, was a marvel of their muscular yet subtle Pop/Rock sensibilities, but its as-yet-untitled sophomore album, currently in process, could be the booster rocket that elevates them to a (much deserved) higher orbit. To hell with Barry Manilow — The Ready Stance makes the songs that the whole world should want to sing, and they’ll make you glad that you’re sharing time and space with one of Cincinnati’s truly great bands.

YDIIYD: The Kinks reincarnated as an Indie Rock sensation, mentored by Phil Spector reincarnated as Mitch Easter. (BB)