The Locals

The Locals (Chicago)
Pop Rock

At this point, Chicago’s The Locals might as well be known as veteran rockers. Since forming in 1998, Yvonne Doll and Christy Nunes have made the rounds in Chicago, the Midwest and the U.K. Lead singer Doll grew up in Cincinnati (the band’s played here a lot) but moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute. While playing in the band, Doll launched her photoblog, which features cell phone photos of strangers sleeping on trains and such. The twosome recently added drummer Tommy Oerding to the lineup to help bring the Rock fury. The band’s releases include last year’s Stereostatic Funicular EP, and this year’s new song “The Willful Suspension of Disbelief,” where Doll channels her inner Kate Bush.

YDIIYD: Midwestern Rock bands that actually rock and don’t just say they rock. (GP)