The Ghost Wolves

The Ghost Wolves (Austin, Texas)
Blues/Garage Rock

Married couple Carly and Jonny Wolf work the popular guitar/drums angle as The Ghost Wolves, albeit with a slight paradigm shift; Carly is the one creating the guitar tumult at the front of the stage while Jonny provides the duo’s frenetic heartbeat. Vocally, Carly utilizes a blend of Cyndi Lauper’s upper register coo with a dash of Exene Cervenka’s Punk shriek, while Jonny offers the lower-end harmony and occasional lead, all while exploring the Garage Rock alleys of the Delta Blues. The Ghost Wolves have cranked out a couple of cool EPs, including 2011’s In Ya Neck, featuring the original version of the incendiary “Gonna Live,” which reappears on the Wolves’ debut full length, the just released and visceral Man, Woman, Beast.

YDIIYD: The White Stripes pay homage to Flat Duo Jets with a shrine built out of stainless steel guitar slides. (BB)