The Almighty Get Down


The Almighty Get Down (Cincinnati)

Back in January, The Almighty Get Down tore shit up good and proper at the annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards ceremony and left everyone in attendance with a condition known as “terminal dropjaw.” It wasn’t until the band’s all too brief set was over that I was hipped to the fact that the band was being led by former Daughters and Sons frontman Willy Morren, and then it all made perfect sense. Six years ago, Morren and D&S picked up a much-deserved CEA for Funk/R&B Group and it’s clear that The Almighty Get Down is destined for a similar path. They work a groove like their lives depend on it and the result is a visceral and blazing R&B/Rock stompathon, a sweet and sweaty sum of its individually brilliant parts.

YDIIYD: Prince and Fishbone play the Sly and the Family Stone songbook at the James Brown memorial picnic. (BB)