State Song

State Song (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

One of Cincinnati’s finest, State Song emerged fully formed at the end of the last decade, releasing its stunning full-length, Dear Hearts & Gentle People, in 2010 and generally blowing anyone who listened away with its powerful sound. Dear Hearts, with its emotive songwriting and unpredictable yet fluid arrangements, was one of the best debut albums to come out of the Cincinnati music scene ever. Remarkably, the band’s 2014 sophomore album (also released on local label Phratry Records) managed to top Dear Hearts, featuring even better songs, this time with piano playing a more prominent role in the mix. Why State Song has yet to achieve wider Indie Rock stardom is one of Cincinnati music’s greatest mysteries; hopefully this egregious error will be corrected in the near future. While Cincinnati loves having the band as our little secret, the rest of the world deserves to experience the creative, majestic sound of State Song.

YDIIYD: Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, The National. (MB)