Smasherman (Cincinnati)
Electronic/Post Punk

Like any great recipe, if you want the best end result, use the best ingredients. Smasherman has certainly accepted that maxim as gospel, stacking its deck(s) with some of the area’s most talented Electronic artists to assemble one of Cincinnati’s most potent Electro/Rock bands. Mission accomplished, and then some. Smasherman boasts a formidable lineup, including Dave Rohs (ex-Kry Kids and Chalk), Ian Gullett (ex-Photo Electric and Diet Audio) and Brent Donaldson (ex-Sistern and Kry Kids), and pushes out a sound that dials up every cool Electronic pulse from the past four decades while layering in broad strokes of muscular Post Punk/Rock. Smasherman is as powerful as an alien caped crimefighter and as addictive as Lucky Charms with a new crack pipe marshmallow shape. Smasherman is here to save you from the trouble it gets you into.

YDIIYD: Thomas Dolby fronts Devo and makes The Units and The Flying Lizards his roadies. (BB)