Scott and Charlene's Wedding

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Lo-fi Indie Pop

Lo-fi music is a dangerous proposition. Done well, it ranks among the most alive, inspiring music out there. Done not so well? It can sink under the weight of that horrible adjective: amateurish. Fortunately, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding fall into that former category of Lo-fi done well. Craig Dermody, a Brooklynite via Melbourne, Australia, writes catchy, heartfelt songs. His presentation might be ramshackle at times, but his Australian accent and oh-so-charming lyrics always win the day. “Two Weeks” won praise as one of 2013’s best EPs and the band followed up with the well-received LP Any Port In A Storm.

YDIIYD: Jonathan Richman recording with The Go-Betweens. (BW)