Quiet Life


Quiet Life (Portland, Ore.)
Folk Rock/Americana

“I’m gonna drive out to Ohio/I’m gonna free my troubled mind,” lead singer Sean Spellman sings on the trotting “Record Time.” Quiet Life isn’t from here, but the band sure spends a lot of time on the road, from New London, Conn., to the West Coast and every small town in between. Since 2007, Quiet Life has released three full-lengths, including last year’s Wild Pack. Their latest release is the five-song Housebroken Man EP, featuring an old-timey piano and Shovels & Rope singer Cary Ann Hearst dueting with Spellman on the album’s titular song. On the final track, Jim James of My Morning Jacket helps cover Townes Van Zandt’s foreboding “Waiting Around to Die.” Quiet Life has been referred to as “a little bit Country, a little bit Rock & Roll,” but they’re really just pure heart and soul. 

YDIIYD: Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” The Band, Edward Sharpe, Dr. Dog, bands that name-check Ohio in their songs. (GP)