Pujol (Nashville, Tenn.)

Daniel Pujol is another example of the creative possibilities in 21st century Nashville. Pujol began his surname-dubbed band two years ago and since then he’s produced an impressive amount of material, including singles, EPs and a pair of full-lengths, including his most recent, the just released Kludge. The lo-fi Garage Pop gem was recorded after hours in a teen suicide prevention office and mixed in a studio that was under construction. Pujol created the cover art from Legos, his favorite toy. Kludge (defined as “an inelegant solution to a problem”) is a marvel of scuffed Pop melodicism, rife with themes of technological alienation and the complications of modern living in general, all funneled through Pujol’s twisted and brilliant sensibilities.

YDIIYD: The New Age Punk resistance taking on Big Brother’s entrenched corporate Rock. (BB)