Pop Goes The Evil


Pop Goes the Evil (Cincinnati)

In the summer of 2012, The Dukes Are Dead guitarist/vocalist Lucas Frazier wrote a handful of songs that he instantly recognized as being distinctly disconnected from The Dukes. A few months later, The Dukes actually were dead and Frazier tapped bassist Evan Roberts and drummer Jacob Grove for his brutally cool new band, Pop Goes the Evil. Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominations for Rock artist and New Artist of the Year hinted that Frazier was onto something big; the band’s new album, Love Stained Heart, made it abundantly clear that Pop Goes the Evil has hypnotized our hips and thighs. As my great-grandmother would have noted, they ain’t evil, they’s just bad. Badass, that is.

YDIIYD: Rev. Horton Heat summons the spirits of Marc Bolan, Elvis Presley and Mick Ronson and invents Glamabilly. (BB)