Pike 27


Pike 27 (Cincinnati)

Early in the last decade, Pike 27 was one of Cincinnati’s most reliable Roots Rock/Americana outfits, with a slavish fan base, a stellar debut album (2001’s Falling Down Hard) and a reputation for blistering live shows. Sadly, frontman Dave Purcell relocated to take a Kent State professorship, effectively ending Pike 27. Until last summer, that is, when Purcell returned with new material that veered toward The Kinks and Graham Parker and away from Pike 27’s original rootsy twang. Purcell and bassist Sean Rhiney (ex-Clabbergirl, Messerly & Ewing) reformed the band with scene vet Mike Fair and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Dave Killen. Since then, Pike 27 has played out semi-regularly and worked on an imminent EP. The new boss might not be the same as the old boss, but Pike 27 remains one of Cincinnati’s indefinable, great bands.

YDIIYD: The jangle of REM, the obtuse wonder of Robyn Hitchcock, the observational brilliance of Grant Lee Buffalo. (BB)