Old City


Old City (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock/Post Punk

Old City! Their new, self-titled debut album came out in mid-August and I probably shouldn’t mention how many times I’ve listened to it. The Post Punk/Rock goods are available on hand-numbered, limited edition vinyl, each pressed on a different color because Sammy McKee, Dave Cupp and all are just that cool. McKee’s vocals at times feel like Neil Young screaming at kids to get off his lawn. It’s brilliant. The guys teamed up with bassist/artist Robyn Roth for the album’s side one bass lines (and haunting-as-hell cover art) and The Sweep’s Nic Powers stepped in for side two’s tracks, but bassist Gabriel Molnar is back in the mix now. Members recently shared with CityBeat they had plans to head back into the studio to record a second album. Why? Presumably because they love us.

YDIIYD: Built to Spill, Sonic Youth and, OK, fine, Wussy. (DK)