Mutual Benefit

Mutual Benefit (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Experimental Pop/Baroque Indie Pop

One-man-band Jordan Lee lives in Brooklyn now but he grew up in Pickerington, Ohio, outside of Columbus. The basement singer/songwriter has been crafting experimental releases for the past few years, everything from 2011’s I saw the sea (according to Lee, “A wabi-sabi beach album for the infinite ocean”), 2010’s minimal Spider Heaven (“recorded in the midst of an ongoing existential crisis in Midwestern basements, parks, and attics”), the 2009 cassette-released Figure in Black and last year’s critically acclaimed Love’s Crushing Diamond, featuring wispy Pop songs with strings. When he tours, Lee brings along a five-piece backing band to add layered instrumentation to songs like “Advanced Falconry.” This summer, Lee remastered his Cowboy’s Prayer EP, an album that wavers between Sufjan Stevens Folk and the right amount of magical weirdness.

YDIIYD: “Post-lunar Buddha turds,” seraphic glockenspiel music mixed with unpredictable soundscapes, cats chasing butterflies. (Garin Pirnia)