Mustered Courage


Mustered Courage (Melbourne, Australia)

When it comes to traditional types of music, it’s great to hear them played by old guys who were there when they were originally happening. But time and life being what they are, you eventually run out of old guys, then you need the young turks with their curiosity, passion, fresh perspectives and influences. That’s what Mustered Courage does for Bluegrass, particularly on its sophomore album, Powerlines. The award-winning Australian quartet plays with respect for the genre’s rich heritage but they also energize it by injecting elements of Roots Rock and Americana (Australiana?) into the proceedings, like Bluegrass on steroids. Mustered Courage is Bluegrass for people who think they don’t like Bluegrass.

YDIIYD: The Avett Brothers tuning in dueling AM radio signals that are playing Blues Traveler and Barenaked Ladies. (BB)