Motel Beds

Motel Beds (Dayton, Ohio)
Garage Rock/Lo-Fi Pop

When people discuss all the great musical contributions Daytonians like Robert Pollard/GBV and The Breeders have unleashed into the Rock sphere, lesser-known Dayton groups like Motel Beds often get overlooked. Motel Beds formed in 2001 — not in the ’80s or ’90s — but the band has already released four full-lengths in a three-year period, and it just released its latest compilation, These Are the Days Gone By, on Dayton’s Misra Records. So the band doesn’t quite have the indefatigable release productivity of Pollard (who does?), but it does have a lot of hook-laden Garage Rock songs up its sleeves, like the collaboration with Dayton royalty Kelley Deal on the shimmering ’60s throwback “Tropics of the Sand.” Who knows, maybe a Deal or a Pollard will make a surprise appearance during Motel Beds’ show.

YDIIYD: A Dayton band that doesn’t sound like all those other famous Dayton bands. (GP)