Modoc (Nashville, Tenn.) 

Hard-charging, swing-for-the-fences, raise-an-ass-blister Rock is all too rare in this era of Pop confections with more processed sugar than natural sweetness. But Modoc knows, regardless of prevailing musical winds, authentic Rock played with visceral passion will always win the day. The band's 2013 eponymous album (reissued on vinyl by Cincinnati's Soul Step Records) is awash in thunderous Zeppelinesque riffs and the kind of anthemic approach to songcraft that was standard issue among influential ‘60s/'70s bands. That attitude, faithfully and amazingly translated in the group's garage recording, is given even freer and louder rein in the live setting, where Modoc plays with enough ferocity to rattle heaven's rafters, as they've done at previous MidPoints. 

YDIIYD: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Queens of the Stone Age breaking the sound barrier in their tour vans on the salt flats. (BB)