Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers (New York)
Indie Pop

Once upon a time, 2006 or thereabouts, home recordist/Indie Pop enthusiast Charlie Brand found a handful of like-minded musical friends on MySpace and they formed Miniature Tigers. After a trio of well-received EPs, the band (anchored from the start by Brand and drummer/keyboardist/vocalist Rick Schaier) released its first full-length, 2008’s irresistible Tell It to the Volcano, featuring the infectious “Cannibal Queen.” Miniature Tigers maintained their presence with subsequent albums coming in two-year intervals — Fortress in 2010, Mia Pharaoh in 2012 — which resulted in their high road profile. The quartet, now including guitarist Algernon Quashie and bassist Brandon Lee, followed its established pattern by releasing the much-anticipated Cruel Runnings this past June. In an effort to stay personally connected to their fans, the Tigers attempted to contact every single person who bought Cruel Runnings through iTunes. Now that’s digital service with a real smile.

YDIIYD: James Mercer, Adam Schlesinger and Rivers Cuomo recreate Three Amigos in a Synth Pop setting. (BB)