Margo & The Price Tags


Margo & The PriceTags (Nashville, Tenn.)

You won’t find much info on Margo Rae Price unless you dig particularly deep into Google’s search pile. Known fact: she fronts both Buffalo Clover and her own outfit, Margo & the Pricetags. But if you’re looking for solid justification for catching the Pricetags’ MidPoint gig, check out the 13-minute video of the quintet of young Country gypsies shot last year at Nashville’s 5 Spot. They tear through terrific versions of Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City” and Matt Gardner’s “Paper Cowboy,” but Price’s crystalline Dolly Parton/Emmylou Harris-inspired voice seals the deal. The Pricetags are apparently a revolving-cast kind of band (rising star Sturgill Simpson and Marty Stuart guitarist Kenny Vaughan have been members) so there’s no telling who might show up. With Margo up front, the Pricetags will be just fine.

YDIIYD: Emmylou Harris singing her ass off the morning after she sang her ass off the night before. (BB)