Luxley (New Orleans)
Dance Rock

Luxley is a guy and Luxley is a band, and if we’re to believe their spartan website, Luxley is a wildfire and they have demanded that we dance in it. Fair enough. Luxley is also from New Orleans and they know a thing or two about dancing in that neck of the Delta, so that goes in the plus column, as does their track “Elegance,” a vaguely Reggae-meets-Electronic lopefest that is as haunting as it is melodically engaging. “Prism Kites” has a slightly more straightforward Alt/Math Rock sound, but there’s no denying that ultra-cool NOLA vibe. So if you’re ready to get your head nod on, Luxley has got some chill for your pill.

YDIIYD: Stewart Copeland in his Klark Kent guise collaborating with Broken Bells. (BB)