Lost In The Trees


Lost In The Trees (Chapel Hill, N.C.)
Chamber Folk

Lost in the Trees is an exercise in expansive minimalism, the orchestral interpretation of a whisper, the hymn-soaked walls of an abandoned church. A glance at frontman Ari Picker’s resume reveals a background that is essential to cultivating Lost in the Trees’ sonic presence: film composition studies at the Berklee College of Music, and influences ranging from Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel to Beethoven and Vivaldi. Listen to anything in Lost in the Trees’ estimable catalog — especially the band’s latest, Past Life — and you’ll hear tantalizing hints of all of that and more, but most importantly, you’ll hear a gifted songwriter/arranger and his supernaturally talented collaborators coming together in a quiet tumult of musical passion and creativity.

YDIIYD: Beethoven’s ghost and Thom Yorke’s spirit guide trade synth licks and composition secrets. (BB)