Lab Partners

Lab Partners (Dayton, Ohio)
Shoegaze/Indie Rock

Lab Partners’ greatest asset is probably the quality that has prevented really big labels with super brainiac A&R psychics from signing them — it is a dozen different bands at any particular moment. The Dayton quartet has endured a few personnel shifts over the past 16 years and now boasts Breeders/GBV drummer Jim Macpherson as a member, along with founding vocalist/guitarist Mike Smith, keyboardist Amy Smith and guitarist Mike Volk. The band can churn out scorching Shoegaze riffs and runs, but at the same time, the members know their way around sprightly Pop melodies and subtle Rock dynamics. The band’s new album, Seven Seas, is a typically diverse affair, mixing tribal drums, booming synth bass and wall-of-fuzz guitars to create a concussive yet strangely soothing sonic environment.

YDIIYD: Spacehog, Ride and Velvet Crush making sculptures of Billy Corgan’s head with their mashed potatoes. (BB)