Knox Hamilton

Knox Hamilton (Little Rock, Ark.)
Indie Rock

Knox Hamilton sounds a hell of a lot more accomplished than it should in the brief time the band has been together. And they certainly don’t sound like anything you’d expect to emerge from the wilds of Little Rock. The quartet has released a trio of EPs over the past two years, including last year’s The Great Hall, featuring the single “Work It Out,” the new video for which is available on YouTube. It looks like “Work It Out” is also going to the be the lead single for Knox Hamilton’s debut full-length, which is slated for release later in the year (the song is No. 2 on Sirius XM’s Alt18 chart). The band members recently abandoned steady jobs to pursue music full time, a situation that frontman Boots Copeland framed up by noting, “What could go wrong?” Well, almost anything, Boots, but rest assured the music is just right.

YDIIYD: Chris Martin conducts a Sunshine Pop orchestra comprised of Walk the Moon, Phoenix and Passion Pit. (BB)