Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds (Washington D.C.)

He was Brian Tristan when he shot out of the birth canal in 1959 but he’s been Kid Congo Powers since legendary guitarist Jeffrey Lee Pierce taught him to play and formed the band that would become The Gun Club. Powers never made it to the studio with The Gun Club, leaving the group in 1980 to join The Cramps. He returned to The Gun Club in the mid-’80s before departing again, this time for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. And that’s just the tip of Powers’ twisted iceberg. Nearly a decade ago, Powers settled into a solid band that he dubbed the Pink Monkey Birds, and since then he and the band (now consisting of bassist Kiki Solis, keyboardist/guitarist Jesse Roberts and drummer Ron Miller) have dropped a trio of acclaimed Southern Soul/Psych Rock/’60s Latino Rock inspired albums, including the just released and compelling Haunted Head. Come join the mondos and the cholos and the weirdos and the freaks, particularly if you are one.

YDIIYD: Psychedelic Gospel Soul from beyond the center of the mind, like the pink monkey rings of Saturn. (BB)