Juniper Rising



“Country music” is not the first thing one thinks of when they think of the Brooklyn music scene, but that’s exactly what this trad Country-inspired four-piece provides. The group released its first lo-fi spin on C&W on tape — actual cassette tape — via Burger Records, followed by a 7-inch single for 307 Knox Records.

YDIIYD: The Men, Those Darlins, She & Him. (MB)

"…Juniper Rising takes the suggestion and jumps about five steps ahead, sinking their self-declared reverence for Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and other boldly un-urban legends into the lo-fi fuzz common to so many bands in the city. Their debut cassette, out now via noted rock peddlers Burger Records, pulls off that neat trick of sounding timeless while also clearly being the product of 2013…" - L Magazine, ‘8 bands you need to hear’, April 2013