Jeecy and The Jungle


Jeecy and The Jungle (Detroit)

Jeecy and the Jungle’s declaration that their music is “Nu-wave Soul” is perhaps the most accurate made-up “Genre” description ever given on a Facebook profile. The “Soul” part is a given, thanks to the paint-peeling, from-the-gut singing of frontman Gerald “Jeecy” Collins. From there, it’s one sonic curveball after another. The eclecticism of the group’s five-song Twist and Scream EP is blissfully dizzying, moving from the choppy quirkiness of “Crawl On My Floor” and the Garage Post Punk of “Jerk Me Around” to slinky, bizzaro Blues of “Tears Down My Back” and groovy R&B rocker “Freakout 5:54a.”

YDIIYD: A potent cocktail with one part Otis Redding and one part Captain Beefheart, with a splash of Brainiac. (MB)