Injecting Strangers


Injecting Strangers (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

Two years ago, bassist Dylan Oseas and guitarist Peter Foley left Automagik and quickly set about fashioning a similarly toned sugar-rush Glam Pop outfit with drummer Chase Leonard and vocalist Richard Ringer. The successful outcome was Injecting Strangers, a cohesive band made up of almost schizophrenically divergent musical components. The quartet’s debut EP, last year’s Nightmare Nancy, was a fascinating glimpse at its potential, but the recently released track “Detroit,” from the group’s imminent full-length debut, Patience, Child, shows Injecting Strangers moving into even deeper, weirder and more evocative waters. Will the new album feature the provocatively clad redhead-with-a-chainsaw (star of the EP’s cover art) on the cover? I hope so … it would be a shame if they matured too much too soon.

YDIIYD: Adam and the Ants and Danny Elfman collaborate on the soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands 2. (BB)