Heavy Hinges


Heavy Hinges (Cincinnati)

When Heavy Hinges coalesced two years ago, four of its five members (scene vets Dylan Speeg, Andrew Laudeman, Jeremy Singer and Brian Williamson) were looking to do something completely new. Rookie vocalist/ukulele banger Maya Banatwala just wanted to do something. They assembled in the wake of personal tragedies and poured their grief into the joy of creation, writing amazingly diverse originals and shaping old Gospel, Blues and Alan Lomax field recordings in their own image. What emerged was one of the most original sounds in Cincinnati, as Heavy Hinges became an exciting fixture in area clubs and earned a 2013 Cincinnati Entertainment Award nomination for Best New Artist. The quintet’s debut album, Mean Old City, is simultaneously timeless and contemporary, a reimagining of the past while giving the present a sly jab in the ribs.

YDIIYD: A Gospel/Swing band on amphetamines, translating Tom Waits and sharecropper Blues. (BB)