HEAF (Steubenville, Ohio)
Indie Rock/Dream Pop

Steubenville, Ohio, isn’t most people’s first thought as a springboard to Indie Rock success, but the Ohio River outpost just north of Wheeling, W.V., has served HEAF quite nicely. The five-piece has toured consistently all year throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia promoting its Shades EP, and filmed a video for its forthcoming single in nearby Pittsburgh, Pa. The band combines synth-textures, real and programmed drums, Indie guitar strum and Alexa Liming’s alluring vocals to create a kind of groovy, dreamy, Indie Rock haze. The band is back on the road this fall with a new EP, Head East And Forgive.

YDIIYD: Florence + The Machine, Asobi Seksu, Grouplove. (BW)