Goodbye June


Goodbye June (Nashville, Tenn.)

Nashville rockers Goodbye June have a poignant origin story. Three cousins are brought together after the death of one cousin’s brother. They found catharsis being together and supporting their families, and also when they’d channel their seeping emotions by jamming. The jamming felt good — and sounded good — so they decided to become a band. Finding success touring the Midwest, the three cousins moved to Nashville to give it a go full time, and so far, so good. The band has toured overseas and drew more buzz with its Nor the Wild Music Flow album from 2012. The band is currently putting together a new album with Grammy nominee Paul Moak producing. The band is drawing new fans with every show thanks to its passionate live presence. If the recent single “Daisy” is an indication of Goodbye June’s sophomore album’s offerings, it’s going to be a hell of an album. 

YDIIYD: Soundgarden, Kings of Leon, Audioslave. (MB)