Flint Eastwood

Flint Eastwood (Detroit)
Indie Pop/Spaghetti Western

Cincinnati and Detroit have a lot in common as far as their music scenes are concerned. Both cities produce great music in great quantities, none of which adheres to a particular sonic mindset. The latest original thing to emerge from the Motor City is Flint Eastwood, a quartet with as much affection for visceral Indie Dance Pop as Surf-flavored Spaghetti Western vibes, and the supernatural ability to make them co-exist in one band. Frontwoman Jax Anderson howls and squeals with hypercaffeinated delight as the band cranks out a martial beat that demands a dance response, a musical ethic that runs through the group’s four-song EP, Late Night in Bolo Ties, but is most evident in its frenetic live presentation. Flint Eastwood knows what you’re thinking, punk.

YDIIYD: Ennio Morricone concocting a soundtrack with Exene Cervenka and Modest Mouse. (BB)