Fists of Love

Fists of Love (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

Fists of Love possesses a communal gift that is rare in musical pursuits. Its four members have the uncanny ability to exist separately from one another within the group entity while playing together in perfect unity. That creative phase shift amplifies FoL’s psychedelic atmosphere to a fever pitch and solidifies the band’s ethereal dissonance into a wall of ivy-covered sound. Fists of Love’s 2013 sophomore album, I Sang My Heart Out to a Snake Once, was a magnificent example of the possibilities of Guitar Rock in the 21st century, referencing what it was, reinventing it into what it is and aiming it at the heart of where it’s going.

YDIIYD: X channeling Jefferson Airplane and T. Rex at the new millennium’s latest festival, Shouldstock. Oh, and with Culture Queer’s Sam Womelsdorf filling in for John Curley (whose “other band” is also playing MPMF). (BB)