Fairmount Girls


Fairmount girls (Cincinnati)
Indie Pop/Rock

Here’s a fun MidPoint trivia question with which to stump your friends — which band has performed at all 13 MidPoint Music Festivals? The answer is Indie Pop juggernaut The Fairmount Girls, a veteran Cincinnati band that will probably survive the Apocalypse (and stomp out all of those stupid cockroaches). With drummer/singer Dana Hamblen and keyboardist/singer Melissa Fairmount as the group’s harmonic core, the Fairmounts have endured more lineup changes than Spinal Tap, with each incarnation evolving around the personalities and playing of the incoming new members while retaining Fairmount and Hamblen’s distinctive Pop instincts and some of the most precise, identifiable harmonies you’ll ever hear.

YDIIYD: Early Pretenders on a serious Power Pop bender. (MB)