Ex-Cult (Memphis, Tenn.)
Psych/Post Punk

After coalescing at The Lamplighter, a notorious Memphis dive, and playing its first gig a mere three months after its first practice, this quintet changed its name from Sex Cult (for legal reasons, but do a Google search, see what you find) to Ex-Cult (there, that’s better) and recorded a couple of now-rare singles. Ex-Cult, led by former Vile Nation frontman Chris Shaw, has a couple of excellent albums under its belt — 2012’s Ty Segall-produced Ex-Cult and the recently released Midnight Passenger — and continues to cultivate a sound that effectively mashes up Post Punk swagger and Hardcore brutality with Psychedelic mindjack and Garage Rock badassery. You know you want it.

YDIIYD: The Dictators, The Stooges and Black Flag turn on, tune in and piss off. (BB)