EMA (Sioux Fall, S.D.)
Indie Rock/Noise Folk/Cyberpunk

Critics have referred to Erika M. Anderson’s scathing second album, The Future’s Void, as “post-Internet” because it touches on contemporary topics like virtual reality, deceased celebrities, surveillance and Internet trolls. But, more or less, the record’s really about current-Internet, or how our technology-driven culture is destroying us. On melancholy ballad “3Jane,” Anderson sings about disassociation being a modern disease, and on “Neuromancer,” she questions “makin’ a living off of takin’ selfies.” The rawness of Future is not too disparate from her 2011 debut, Past Life Martyred Saints, featuring the powerful f-you anthem “California.” Anderson may seem angry at the world, but she’s speaking the truth. She also may or may not be a cyborg sent from the future to rectify the present.

YDIIYD: St. Vincent, Nine Inch Nails, Videodrome, intense emotions, people who hate selfies. (GP)