Dylan LeBlanc

Dylan LeBlanc (Shreveport, La.)

As a pre-teen, Dylan LeBlanc learned about studios and sessions from his musician/songwriter father. By his 20th birthday, he’d been in three Indie Rock bands, gone through rehab, gotten songwriting advice from Jason Isbell, dropped out of high school to pursue music, collaborated with Emmylou Harris and released his debut album, Pauper’s Field. After two years of opening for Lucinda Williams, The Civil Wars and Calexico, LeBlanc released his acclaimed and mournful sophomore album, Cast the Same Old Shadow, and warmed up crowds for First Aid Kit, Alabama Shakes, Drive-By Truckers and Bruce Springsteen. Inspired by Southern Gothic literature as much any musical influence, LeBlanc is in process on his third album; he may be 25 when it comes out.

YDIIYD: Chris Isaak and Neil Young sing for their really delicious suppers. (BB)