Deafheaven (San Francisco)
Black Metal

You may see the Black Metal label and be tempted to race onto the next listing, but give Deafheaven a chance. There is plenty of the double-clutched drumming and pit-of-hell vocalizing that is de rigueur for the genre, but guitarist Kerry McCoy plays with a melodic sense that combines Black Metal, Shoegaze and Post Rock with an intuitive subtlety. McCoy and vocalist George Clarke played together in Rise of Caligula and left to form Deafheaven as a duo, but after recording a demo, they recruited three members and signed to Deathwish in 2010. Deafheaven’s debut album, Roads to Judah, was critically acclaimed by Decibel and Pitchfork; its follow-up, 2013’s more accessible Sunbather, was cited by Metacritic as the best-reviewed album of last year.

YDIIYD: Godspeed You! Black Emperor taking tea and raw meat with My Bloody Valentine. (BB)