Culture Queer

Culture Queer (Cincinnati)
Indie/Electro/Art Pop

Culture Queer’s shtick continues to remain “high art low brow” and that ain’t a bad thing. The gang continues its unique and successful attempts at live video editing to accompany their shows. And as everyone else veers ever closer to whatever genre is trending on the radio, CQ continue to steer further from the general “Rock” idea and closer toward their ultimate goal of “performance art.” The members are nailing it in their own weird and wonderful way. Bonus tidbit: CQ is working on a new album, though there is no set release date. May we suggest a sort of Beyoncé -like scenario of releasing music and videos at the same time? (Totally feasible, right?)

YDIIYD: Dr. Dog, Helmut Newton, music worthy of an art museum. (DK)