Bully (Nashville, Tenn.)
Indie Rock

Bully guitarist Alicia Bognanno is self-taught, so there’s no gripping story about a mentor that inspired her blissful state of six-string nirvana (or Nirvana). Bognanno does have sonic cred to burn; she interned for Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio Studio and she runs sound at Nashville’s Stone Fox. That experience certainly helped when she recorded Bully’s self-titled 2013 EP and their excellent new 7-inch, “Milkman b/w Faceblind.” It’s hard to ignore the ‘90s markers in Bully’s music and it’s even harder to resist them; Bognanno peels off slinky riffs that Billy Corgan would claim and sings with coquettish charm or a punkish snarl. It’s time the trio pulled the trigger on a full-length, based on the half dozen compelling tracks they’ve unleashed in their brief but potent history.

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