Mark Utley and Bulletville (Cincinnati)

Last year, singer/songwriter Mark Utley divided his normal double-album output of written songs into the single Magnolia Mountain disc Beloved and his solo debut, Four Chords and a Lie. In 2012, Utley formed Bulletville as a repository for his Country focused material, leaving the rootsy, Blues/Americana tracks to Magnolia Mountain. Four Chords and a Lie offered the first studio appearance of Bulletville on a handful of tracks, but next year will see the release of Utley’s new solo album titled Bulletville, which will presumably feature the band. Utley’s brilliance within both musical entities is his understanding of the subtleties that differentiate his bands’ various genres and writing for each outfit with the appropriate authenticity and stylistic touch. If you prefer your Country without big hats and flashpots, Mark Utley and Bulletville have a few musical stories to share with you.

YDIIYD: Real Country music from the days when you could get a towel from a box of laundry detergent (no shit, look it up). (BB)