Black Owls

Black Owls (Cincinnati)
Indie Glam Rock

What do Black Owls want from me? Do they want me to start a religion in their honor? Do they want me to cut a fatted calf and mutter incantations? Do they want me to swear a blood oath to be faithful to the beaked and horned raptor of the night? Then I will. Because Black Owls is among the few bands of right now that make me feel like way back when. They return me to that magical time when I was just beginning to love music and it was still fresh and exciting and discoverable. They tweak my invisible heart, the one next to my real one that beats in time to Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell, Ian Hunter and all the other icons that Black Owls hold dear and then transcend with their own creative vision and electric voodoo. Black Owls’ new songs, “Rook” and “Gasoline,” are clear indications of raucous things to come. If this is what the future sounds like, set my watch to “well ahead” and let my Black Owls fly.

YDIIYD: Ian Hunter, Richard Hell, David Bowie and Tom Verlaine go all Freaky Friday and wind up in Mott the Voidoid Television Spiders. (BB)