Bella Clava


Bella Clava (Toronto, Canada)
Hard Rock

Good old-fashioned, blood-blistering Rock & Roll isn’t exactly in vogue these days. Gothic Prog Rock? Yeah right. Well, Bella Clava cares not for your fickle fashions. The Toronto quartet is loud and proud, with enough guitar riffs (and even some — gasp — organ riffs!) to bring 1970s cool back to life. Caitlin Dacey’s powerful vocals and the band’s clever way with arranging harmonies add a new twist to the Hard Rock playbook as well. The band recorded its Medicine For Melancholy LP with Mathias Schneeberger (The Twilight Singers, The Gutter Twins) in Joshua Tree, Calif., and released it to strong reviews.

YDIIYD: Led Zeppelin with harmonies. (BW)