Automagik (Cincinnati)
Indie Rock

There have been a few changes in the Automagik universe since their 2010 self-titled debut, but the shifts didn’t move the quartet too far off their given path of channeling Queen and The Darkness with hypercaffeinated Indie Pop energy and flailing abandon. Automagik’s sophomore album, 2013’s Black Sundae, was a slightly more straightforward but still unhinged spin on appropriately bombastic Pop/Rock and the band’s live gigs remain frenetic displays of unbridled insanity; their impromptu street performances at last year’s SXSW got them rousted constantly by Austin’s finest, which is fairly difficult to do. Automagik does the impossible and calls it fun. See for yourself.

YDIIYD: Electric Six and Foxy Shazam play tug of war with a downed power line. (BB)